Joint ‘Rapid Reaction Force’ to be raised by Pakistan, Iran for border security

TEHRAN: The President of Iran Hassan Rouhani announced on Monday that a joint border “reaction force” has been agreed to set up by him and visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in order to counter terrorism.

Due to the increased tensions over attacks on both sides of the two countries’ frontier, Rouhani told a joint news conference that “We agreed to create a joint rapid reaction force at the borders for combatting terrorism.”

The volatile southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchistan has been skirt by the border which has been the scene of frequent attacks on security forces of Iran.

The visit of Imran Khan to Iran was his first visit since he took office last year, which was followed by visit after gunmen killed 14 passengers last week in its own Balochistan province, who Islamabad says were based in Iran.

Although no details were provided on the joint force, Khan said “The security chief will sit down with his counterpart here and discuss (security) cooperation.”

The Pakistani premier who started a two-day visit on Sunday said that “We trust that both countries will not have terrorist activities from their soil … We will not allow any damage to your country from our soil.”

Rouhani demanded Pakistan act “decisively against anti-Iranian terrorists” in March, following an attack on February 13, due to which 27 members of the elite Revolutionary Guards were killed in Sistan-Baluchistan.

It has been claimed by the Jaish al-Adl group of Iran that a Pakistani suicide bomber was behind the attack.

  • On Saturday, Islamabad informed that it had proofs that the “terrorist outfits” who carried out the attack in Balochistan have “training and logistic camps inside Iranian areas bordering Pakistan”.

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