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Israel converts historic Al Ahmar mosque into nightclub: report

Cairo: Israeli authorities have  turned a historic mosque in a Palestinian town into a nightclub. International media, citing  a local Muslim, has reported.

According to report, an Israeli company linked to the municipality of Safad in North Palestine has turned the 13th century Al Ahmar (Red) Mosque into a wedding hall.

“I was shocked when I saw aspects of sabotage inside the mosque,” Khair Tabari, the secretary of a Palestinian Islamic endowment agency, told London-based newspaper Al Qodus Al Arabi.

Years ago, a lawsuit was  filed with the Nazareth court, requesting the handover of the mosque to the Islamic endowments. But the court has not  ruled on the suit yet.

Tabari said he had backed up his case with ownership documents and price lists of services being offered in the site.

The site was renamed to Khan Al Ahmar in order to distract attention from its sanctity as a mosque.

The mosque has experienced a series of desecrations since the creation of Israel in 1948.

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