No one can fix economy instantly, not even Asad Umar; says FM Qureshi

MULTAN: On Sunday, it has been said by Shah Mehmood Qureshi- the Foreign Minister that no one could be able to fix the economy instantly not even Asad Umar- the Finance Minister and also that if the solution of this issue is to fall of the government than no government would have survived.

Foreign Minister said while speaking to the reporters that, “The government is heading in the right direction and the constitutional term will be successfully completed by the government.”

Qureshi further added that, the government is going towards the achievement of its targets at the foreign front. “Foreign missions will pave the way for bringing foreign investment in the country.”

It was further said by the the Foreign Minister that, the main purpose of the government is to eliminate the terrorism from the country. He said that, “Innocent people were killed in Quetta. We have to see if sectarianism was the reason behind the incident or some foreign powers” and further added that without conducting a proper investigation like India, they will not talk.

Pakistan wants peace in the region and is facilitating in the peace process, said by Qureshi while replying to the question about Afghan peace process.

“We are not interfering in the internal matters of Afghanistan. The next meeting is in Doha and we hope it will bring results,” added by him.

Furthermore, it was said that, in the next few days, important interactions are going to be held by Pakistan with China, Japan and Iran.

Qureshi shared that, “Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit China and attend the opening session of Belt and Road Forum as chief guest. He will address the forum as well.” He added that, important meetings will be held by prime minister with the leadership of China.

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