Government should impose ban on TikTok

The Social media applications are not loved by everyone but instead they turn into agony for many people rather than entertainment. TikTok is among the most populous iOS and Android apps in the world now days which is used for making short videos.

TikTok is a Chinese application and people use it to make videos rather than doing their daily chores. Some people are so obsessed with this app that they use it all the time which affects them negatively or some even risk their lives. The youth is the future of this Nation and if the youth is busy in such apps then the future of Nation might be in danger. Therefore, this app must be banned by the Pakistani Government.

TikTok app is used in Pakistan as a good entertaining app but people are somehow misusing it too. This app affects the society adversely especially the youth as they are spending most of their times on these apps rather than giving time to their studies. Moreover, this app is used by many young girls and boys who are sexually transmitting any song or dialogue in their videos.

The videos of TikTok have started going viral ranking up millions of views on Twitter and Instagram. Many users use it to upload and browse lip sync videos and memes. Due to this, the youth is wasting their times on TikTok rather than studying. Therefore, the government should impose a ban on such applications.

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