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Afghanistan suffers $8m loss over Pakistan airspace closure

The recent rising tensions between India and Pakistan that led to the closure of Pakistan’s airspace resulted in Afghanistan’s loss of at least $8 million in over month.

As per reports, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority revealed that while the Pakistani airspace was closed for all commercial flights for some time and had been reopened later, certain flights flying from Afghanistan to India are still not given a clear.

As of now, The Afghan airlines’ fares from Kabul to New Delhi have hiked to twice as much as before as they are now using the route from Iran, putting the airfare from $350 to $600.

Before the closure of the airspace, over 250 flights flew over Pakistan everyday but the number has now gone down to nine.

Mohammad Qasim Wafaeezada, Chairman of the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority stated: “We hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible; otherwise, we will lose a big amount of revenue we get from transit flights.”

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