Petrol price increased up to Rs6 per litre by Govt

ISLAMABAD: On Sunday, there is an increased in the price of petroleum, oil and lubricants, along with the petrol increased up to Rs.6 per litre, by federal government.

It emerged on Sunday that the new price of the will be Rs. 98.89 now.

In addition to that, there is also an increased in the price of high speed diesel up to Rs6 per litre, which makes it Rs 117.43 per litre.

In the same way, increment in the prices of light diesel oil and kerosene oil went up to Rs3 per litre each, now the new price will be Rs 80.54 and Rs 89.31 per litre, respectively.

These new prices will have an effect from midnight on April 1.

As per the sources, it had been recommended earlier by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) to increase the price of petrol up to Rs 11.92 per litre.

The Ogra similarly suggested the increase in the price of high speed diesel and kerosene oil as Rs11.17 and Rs6.65 respectively.

The sources said that, the increment of Rs6.50 in the price of light diesel oil had also recommended.

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