PM inaugurated a new visa policy for promoting tourism and investment

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, it was announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan that in order to promote tourusm and investments in the country, a new visa ploicy has been made for 175 countries.

While addressing the ceremony for online visa  inauguration at the capital, the Prime Minister named the new visa policy “a step toward ‘Naya Pakistan'”.

It was said by him that, security issues would not be faced by Pakistan now and better conditions for investment has to be provided by the country. He further added that, Pakistan Premier League matches will be held in Pakistan next year.”

It was said by him that a new mindset is depicted by this new visa policies. “People will come to Pakistan and see for themselves the potential of the country due to this mindset.”

Now there are 175 contries which will get the facility of applying for an online visa. E-visa facility in the beginning be provided to five countries that are Malaysia, United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and China, according to the new visa policy. The citizens of these countries will be able to apply for Pakistani visa via email at a $8 fee.

The number of countries for business visa has been increased from 48 to 96.

A day ealier, it was said by Fawad Chaudhry- the Information Minister while speaking to journalists that, “The policy will be extended to 170 countries later.”

It was added by him that, “There are 55 countries that will be granted visa on arrival whereas, business visa will be offered to 90 countries.”

It was also siad by him that, the fee of visa has been reduced in oreer to attract more tourist to Pakistan.”

At Karachi and Lahore airports, passenger identification system for e-visa facility has been installed. Later on, it will be installed at other countries.”

For the purpose to facilitate western journalists, a visa policy for journalists is also being worked on, said by Information Minister.

Indian Embassy is being requested to grant visas to Pakistani journalists by the government to cover the coming election in India, stated by Fawad.

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