Dow university medical student Nimrah killed in cross firing between police and robbers

KARACHI: On Friday 20 years old medical student was reportedly shot dead during an exchange of fire that broke out between the police and and suspected robbers in North Karachi.

One suspected robber was also killed during the ‘encounter’, according to Sharea Noor Jehan police.

A police party was chasing a group of suspects, who were fleeing after committing robberies, and started exchanging fire with them at Anda Mor.

The police fire killed one of the suspected robbers, identified as Riaz Malik, but a passer-by female medical  was also wounded gunned do the exchange of fire. Police claimed that the woman, identified as 20-year-old Nimrah Baig, was struck by a bullet fired by the robbers.

She was initially taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, which referred her to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre where she died soon after arrival, according to Dr Seemin Jamali, the executive director of the hospital.

Dr Jamali later said Nimrah was a student of the Dow University of Health Sciences.

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