Google currency converter faces issues, shows wrong Pak rupee rates

KARACHI: Google online currency exchange rate converter faces some issues yesterday night, google showed incorrect values of various currencies against Pakistani rupee.

In what could have possibly become a major market wide panic had this happened after the opening bell, the values of the US dollar, euro, the United Arab Emirates (UAE/Emirati) dirham, and the Saudi riyal in terms of the Pakistani rupee were shown on Google as US dollar Rs: 76.25, Euro Rs: 87.01, UAE Dirham Rs: 20.76, and Saudi Riyal Rs: 20.33, respectively.

Google's online exchange rate converter shows the value of the US dollar in Pakistani rupees as Rs76.25. Screenshot via

However, the data was proved incorrect by Bloomberg, which, on its portal, indicated that the values of the US dollar, euro, and the Emirati dirham in terms of the Pakistani rupee were Rs: 139.38, Rs: 159.04, Rs: 37.95, and Rs: 37.16, respectively.

This error has been fixed.

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