Due date for registration of votes as per CNIC address extended to Feb 28

ISLAMABAD: The voters were asked by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to register their votes on Friday on either their temporary address or their permanent address mentioned on their computerized national identity card (CNIC) till February 28.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) officials, an order has been issued by the Commission in order to review the rolls of electoral on due date for registration of votes as mentioned in their CNIC address by December 31.

He added that all the names of such voters who failed to register their votes as per CNIC address by due date would become ineffective.

He continued that the facility would be available till completion of review process of giving more time for the registration of votes as per CNIC address.

He continued that relevant information has been included by the commission about its established helpline in various districts with the Short Message Services (SMS) of commission to 8300 in order to provide facility to the voters and ask them to get information from those Short Message Services.

He added that with the help of sending computerized national identity card (CNIC) number to the SMS services of Election Commission of Pakistan, the voters can get informed about the numbers of helpline of various areas and their complaints.

He added that the voters can also get information linked to the serial number, awareness message from ECP, statistically block code, constituency of voter where the name of voter is registered and helpline number of corresponding district to get more information.

They were also asked by them to contact their corresponding district office of Election Commission to make sure their registrations as voters as per the address in their CNIC.

The Secretary of Election Commission of Pakistan meanwhile, has written a letter to the secretaries of national as well as provincial assemblies and to the provincial chief secretaries in order to execute the section 27 of the Elections Act 2017. The Secretary of Election Commission of Pakistan also wrote letter to the cabinet, defense, secretaries’ interior and the parliamentary affairs. They were also asked to educate fully the government employees to execute the section 27 of the Elections Act 2017. The Secretaries of national assemblies and Secretaries of provincial assemblies are asked to share the important information with speakers as well as members of the Parliament about the section.

Furthermore, he asked the chief secretaries to make voters aware by giving them directions to their corresponding district offices in this regard.

The name of voters in electoral rolls and their transfer or registration would be made on the basis of their permanent or temporary address as per the CNIC under section 27 of Elections Act 2017.

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