Laugh? We Couldn’t Even Cry Out Loud: Nawaz Responsed To Journalists

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday 11th Dec, Nawaz Sharif the former prime minister and the supremo of PML-N is well known for making informal statements in front of media, during his exit or entrance while coming for the hearing in the Supreme Court. Nawaz Sharif often talked independently with them on topics related to his case. He sometimes even cracks a joke or two.

His recent and a bit quieter appearances in Accountability Court in Islamabad have, however built the interest of the journalists, so much so that one of them asked Elder Sharif that why had he stopped laughing?

The ex-prime minister sympathetically replied, “laugh? We couldn’t even cry out loud.”

Nawaz while sitting in his car later, turned to the media persons and said, “I apologise for my remark. It was short but it came from the heart.”


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