Honda Atlas factory incident: The Main Story

Karachi: On Wednesday Nov 15th, a furnace inside a factory was said to be  with more than six workers died while one sustained. This incident occurred within the Limits Shah Latif Town police station, according to police and hospital officials.

Police officials informed that the blast in the furnace took place in Honda Atlas factory near Landhi Manzil Pump. Resulting, severe injuries to seven workers.

The injured were said to be shifted to the Burns Centre in Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi where Shah Zaman age 34, Muhammad Saleem, Imran, Khalid, Aamir Sufi and Inayat failed to fight the wounds during treatment reported Dr. Qarar Ahmed Abbas Additional Police Surgeon.

Qarar Ahmed further added that the six victims who lost their lives had gone through 100 percent burns while revealing that the only survivor, Faheem had gone through 10 percent burns.

But the main story is slightly different from the one police had told and media had reported. Honda Atlas Factory was working on a large scale but recently some changes had been made which led the blast. The two main departments including the lead furnace operation in which battery aglitter is prepared and aluminum furnace operation in which melting and  refinery of aluminum take place. Both the departments had three separate large sized furnaces.

Recently, the top management was said to be considering to make use of the lead furnace for aluminum refinery. There were mixed response from the management team some said it would be very dangerous others said they should give it a try.

They further took this issue to an Indian consultant on Honda Atlas who said that this is an extremely dangerous experiment which will risk the lives of the workers. As the basic design of both the furnaces are different from each other including the exertion of air, movement and position of burner and cooling process.

The top management ignoring the warning gave the extremely dangerous experiment a try. Even they were prepared for the dangerous side effects as they’ve a directed a worker to drag the large fire extinguishers into the factory, a worker was told to switch off oxygen, water and power supply if anything happens. Risking all the workers’ lives the experiment occurred resulting an extremely dreadful blast.

After the incident, the management made use of company’s own ambulances which can barely move and the 100 percent burnt bodies were taken to Landhi social security hospital, a hospital on which even the locals couldn’t rely on minor flu because of the hospital’s careless treatment. Meanwhile all the evidence of the incident were wiped out by the management so that it could be declared as a small boiler blast and the real story can be kept under the veil.
After wasting one or more than one hour the burnt bodies were taken to the Civil hospital’s Burn Centre but it was of no use as the victims couldn’t survive the battle of life.

Its been more than 10 days to the incident but no such action had been taken to grab the collar of the brutal management, other than that the management has been taking oath from the families not to demand for any money or not to tell anyone that it’s company’s fault. The families were forced to say that these were natural deaths.

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