Afghanistan Intelligence Agency is responsible for SP Dawar’s murder : Sources

Islamabad: Superintendent Police Tahir Khan Dawar of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was said to be abducted from Islamabad, last month. He had been taken to Afghanistan where he was brutally murdered on Nov 14th Wednesday.

SP’s murder is said to be somehow connected with the Afghanistan intelligence agency. According to the sources, NDS is behind SP’s murder and Mohsin Dawar had planned a conspiracy to accuse Pakistan.

It is reported that Mohsin Dawar had spoken directly to the Afghan officials which raised many questions including why Afghan government is refusing to hand over martyred SP’s body to Pakistan? Why are Afghan officials supporting Mohsin Dawar? Who is behind SP Tahir’s murder? Why had Mohsin Dawar met Hussain Haqqani? Will Afghan government talk to Pakistan government or his tribe? Or Is Mohsin Dawar working against government and establishment?

SP Tahir had gone through terrorist attacks twice before his death. Once a suicide bomb had been planted at his residence in Bannu but he was safe. The second time, his car was targeted when he was severely injured with several fire shots on his arms and legs.

It should be vivid that SP Tahir Dawar was said to be suspiciously missing, he had been posted to Afghanistan and was here on a short leave to meet his family.

After two days of his abduct, his family received a text message in English from his mobile which stated that he is in Jehlum and will be back shortly. But his family expressed their uncertainty that this message had not been written by Tahir as he usually sent messages in Urdu.

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