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“Mission Parwaz” continues, Fakr-e-Alam granted new Visa

A day earlier Fakhr-e-Alam, noted Pakistani singer was detained at Russian Airport on expiring his visa, and he was taken into custody by the Russian authorities at Russian airport Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Now, he has been granted new Visa at the Airport and he has started his journey all over again.

Fakr-e-Alam who is on a mission “Mission Parwaz” the first Pakistani to circumnavigate the world in 28 days, expressed his attitude towards Pakistani Nation, Media, Pakistani Government, and his fans.

He took to Twitter and updated his latest status saying that he has just received new Visa and preparing up his next journey, the flag continues to travel.

This time he himself updated his status rather his friend Faisal Qureshi, he added

“I have just received a new visa. I am now preparing the airplane and ready to go to Petropavovask airport. Thank you to all of my friends, well-wishers the Pakistan government and the Russian authorities. The flag continues its journey.”

He thanked the Pakistani Government, as Governor Sindh took notice on dentation of Fakr-e-Alam at Russian Airport and directed the Foreign Office to help noted singer.

A day earlier Faial Qureshi took to Facebook and shared the message sent by Fakr-e-Alam to him. As he was unable to connect the Internet in the custody of Russian authorities.

Fakhr-e-Alam has started his journey from Florida, and he wanted to circumnavigate the world to mark the first ever Pakistani to do so.



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