It is Actually $12bn the total Saudi Assistance Package for Pakistan

Pakistan is facing the worsened economic situation and Imran Khan visit to Saudi Arabia was of greater importance. And this visit resulted in a $3bn deposit in Pakistan’s account to cover the current account deficit. And the Saudi Kingdom agreed to give Pakistan oil imports up to $3bn on deferred payments.

It seems like Pakistan has managed to bring $6bn dollars, which surely will decrease the size of the bailout package from IMF and the conditions will be less strict.

Saudi government signed a MoU and kingdom agreed to give $3bn oil imports on deferred payments and this facility will continue for the second and third year.

When we sum up all this Saudi assistance package which was offered by the Saudi Kingdom Suleman Bin Abdul Aziz when Prime minister Imran Khan was on a visit of two days attending the economic conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabi the deferred amount stands $12bn.


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