PAID CONTENT: First 4 Star Hotel In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, a city located 140 KM east of Karachi, Near Indus River, a financial and cultural hub of Sindh
and Pakistan, the city is known for its cultural and historical backgrounds.

It is the second largest city of Sindh by population, following Karachi, and 8th in Pakistan. The most
noteworthy antique of the city, the fort of Hyderabad, known as (Pakka Qilla), which was constructed
during the rule of Rai Dynasty, later on, when the walls of the fort started demolishing, the famous ruler
of Sindh and Hyderabad, Ghulam Shah Kahler, ordered for the habilitation of this fort.

As I mentioned Hyderabad is the economic capital of Sindh, the center of all provincial communication
roads, railways, waterways, etc.
But, despite the great historical and economic powers of the city, this has been neglected after the
English Empires.

The city lacks the basic living utilities, 2million people of Hyderabad, are living under a rock, after getting
the freedom from English.
There is no four-star hotel on entire of Hyderabad, and whenever the delegates, or foreigners use to
come, they were accommodated in two stars hotel in the city.

There was the intense need of a world-class hotel, equipped with the state of the art facilities. TZ
construction took it on their shoulder and aimed to build a world-class hotel.

TZ Construction:
A famed name in the world of construction, and famously known with its state of the art building methods, the construction company changed the ways of development and construction in Pakistan.
Emerald is the novel concept of the company, and this hotel is going to be the practical manifestation of the approach.

The project is designed on the international standards, and the development phase has already started, under the banner of TZ constructions, which aimed to get that project completed within three years of time frame.
The location is the real catch of this project- Emerald is located at the prime location of Auto Bhan Road, you can say, the hotel lies in the heart of the city, the city will blossom after the project get completed.

Though the hotel is not built in the populous area of the city, some landmarks like State bank building, the famous boulevard hotel mall, add some visibility to its physical presence.
You cannot find a better location than this; the inhabitants also will enjoy all the amenities, resources.
This enormous project surely will bring some facilities to them, at least their income increase astonishingly. And some of them may be taken in the team of the hotel under different niches.

The story of-of Emerald just started with the location, the heavenly atmosphere welcome you, the first step you take ahead in the spacious hotel.
Well-trained and smile on the face receptionist welcomes you in the hotel.
Well decorated Airy rooms
Airy, well-decorated rooms tell the whole story of years of experience and the visionary approach. Each room is installed with air-conditioning; there has been a special focus on heights of the rooms, designs, and decorations. You will feel heaven on the earth, for sure.

A well-equipped gymnasium, with the team of experienced trainers, is there for you, around the clock, where you can hit the gym, under the supervision of trained and experienced trainers.
Rooftop Bar B Q, Rooftop swimming pools, two floors for car parking, 2 Banquet Hall, Two restaurants, Spa and Beauty Saloons have also been installed there, to facilitate you and provide you all amenities needed under one floor.
There is believe of the ZT construction, this project, Emerald Hotel is going to be called the downtown of Hyderabad.

Rooftop Swimming pool:
The rooftop swimming pool is no less than a street, especially in Pakistan and Hyderabad.
The great designed pool, at the great highest, is one of the best way ways to see the Hyderabad SKyline, while enjoying the blissful soak in the cool water.
Rooftop bar B Q
Do you want to enjoy the Bar B Q at the rooftop; Emerald paved the way to provide you that facility too. The sincere effort of the TZ construction made it possible to make a Rooftop Bar B Q, a symbol of Hygiene and quality.

Two floors for Car Parking:
Car parking plays a pivotal role in hospitality, and the team of Emerald understands the critical role of the car parking. There have been constructed two floors for this sole purpose and a team of experienced people takes care of your precious vehicles, and you will get a hassle-free parking place.

Spa and Beauty Saloons
You want to get ready for an important meeting; you have no need to drive fir miles to get ready. Spa and Beauty Saloons equipped with the beautiful rooms, products, and expertise there for you around the clock.
Other Facilities:

  • Air-conditioned rooms and Suits
  • Banquet Halls
  • Restaurants
  • Rooftop BAR B Q
  • Rooftop Swimming Pool
  • Capsule Lift
  • CCTV cameras
  • Firefighting system, Fire Alarms
  • Corridors
  • Beauty Saloon
  • Money Exchange
  • Dining Hall
  • Standby generator
  • Car Parking

Spa and Beauty Saloons
And in the end, the most important thing, attached to this project, Hussain Marketing.
This name may not be the new name for you if you even know the little bit of marketing.
Hussain Marketing network is the biggest name of the country, every project handed to this network never goes without the success.
Decorated with the dozens of accolades on its chest, the biggest name of marketing in Pakistan, Hussain Marketing is behind the marketing of this project.
The brand earned many accolades, in 2007, 2009 &2012, this company was awarded the best marketing company, and Prime Minister himself handed the award.
In the hands of Hussain, everything goes smoothly, and it is as of now going, and the ZT choose the best company to cater to the larger audiences.

CEO Message: Tariq Kamal Talpur

In the name of Allah most gracious and most merciful
Our vision a strong, powerful, economically developed and successful Pakistan with all our traditional hospitality in great city of Hyderabad the economy hub of Sindh and gateway to tharcoal , CPEC we feel great need of a good hotel in Hyderabad so we planned a four star hotel with two restaurants, two halls for meetings conferences and social gatherings, 124 lavish rooms for honorable business guests and all other accessories of four star hotel are available
We believe on continual improvement through hard work honestly integrity employees training and customers feedback,

Director Message: Zaib H Abbasi

In the name of Allah who taught use with the pen and created a man from a clot of the blood
Our mission to build a prosperous and developed Pakistan, with the powerful and growing economy led us to the second most developed city of sindh, Hyderabad.
We witness a great change in the development of the city- the vacuum of an international standard hotel left us to pour great attention to the matter. We mull over it and decided to build a lavish four-star hotel in Hyderabad.
The project is on the way, 124 rooms, two restaurants, halls for social gathering and other amenities will help us to portray a greater image of the country and city.
Within the time span of three years, the hotel will be ready to inaugurate, and we hope this four-star hotel would play the role of providing state of the Art facilities with our cultural hospitality.