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Osman Khalid Butt comes to Saba Qamar’s defense over leaked pictures

Ever the gentleman, Osman Khalid Butt came to Saba Qamar’s defense on Friday when the latter was being trolled for some images of her that had been leaked online.

The Baaghi starlet was seen in a somewhat translucent white button-down with a cigarette in her hand. As always, Twitterati lost their cool over the behind the scene shots and though Qamar decided to ignore them, her co-star Butt stood up for her.

The Bahu Mali actor took to social media and wrote, “Just heard about the all-too-familiar misogynistic, repulsive rhetoric that’s swept the nation once BTS pictures from Saba’s photoshoot were leaked (WITHOUT her consent).”

Butt then aptly pointed out why trolling Qamar is problematic.

“First: you do not mess with Saba Qamar. Period. Second: For the love of God, stop looking for every excuse to drag your icons down,” he added. “Third: Stop sharing these images/videos and stop commenting on them. If you want to speak out, speak out against the jahalat of whoever did this just for social media infamy.”

This is, of course, not the first time Butt has showed support for his fellow female artists. Previously, when Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassing her on social media, many called it a publicity stunt. But Butt was not one of them.

“A woman breaks her silence about abuse, withstands character assassination and further abuse on social media, her story turns into memes and tone-deaf jokes that trivialise the issue, she fears ostracisation but sure, she did it for the cheap publicity,” he posted.


Also, last year when Mahira Khan was ridiculed for sharing a smoke with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor in New York, the Dayar-e-Dil star highlighted society’s double standards with this epic photo

Butt’s stance on the matter is the tiny silver lining in the cloudy of misogyny that’s wrapped around Pakistani society. Say it louder for people at the back, OKB! And as for Qamar… you do you, honey.

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