Usman Dar, A sharp Glance on the life of Sialkot Prince

Usman dar strong contender against former Interior Minister Khawaja Asif has started off his political Campaign already. The crown of Sialkoti Boy will go on the head of Usman dar, the elder son of a famed politician from Sialkot, an old friend of Khawaja Asif, Imtiaz Dar.
Usman dar, and Umer dar you would have seen these two guys, standing before Imran Khan, like a true follower, and obedient worker.

In 2013 elections, both did work really hard, PML-N was the party full with the experienced people, you know the sense of using the word Experienced. These two boys who were just entering into politics remained one step away from getting entered in National Assembly because of the massive irregularities happened in the elections 2013.
Let’s have a look of the personal and professional life of Usman Dar, a sparkling youth leader, a patriot and an entrepreneur.

Usman Dar was born on 28 August 1974 in Sialkot, his family was known as the business family, the biggest exporter of leather from the country.
Entrepreneurship was in the blood of Usman Dar, the passion to work for others and to serve the people he inherited from his father.

He received his early education from Sialkot, and for higher education, he went to Germany and completed graduation in Bachelors in Business administration.
His dedication towards studies led him to the United Kingdom, and he was awarded the Master of Business Administration from there (PML-N leaves no stone unturned to prove his degree a fake, but thankfully, he studied abroad and gotten the degree from the UK)

Usman dar’s father was an enthusiast’s Entrepreneurs, and the biggest exporter of Leather garments and sportswear, later on, he went into politics and earned a name in the city. He became the city Nazim in 2002-2005, a record development works were taken place in the city, and people remember that tenure even now.
Usman dar has been the managing director of VIP group of industries, but after getting entered into Politics, he resigned, and now Umer dar is an active managing director, his younger brother.

After his father’s final exit, being the elder of the family, Usman has to get to into politics, he joined PTI in 2011, and from the time, very active politician, and earned a notable place in PTI.
Usman Dar is considered as the right hand of Imran Khan, in 2014 Sit-in, he uses to work very hard and manages to bring people from Sialkot actively.

Imran Loved the passion of this guy and on many forums has been praising for his hard work and passion.
In the very first election, 2013 general Election, Usman was contesting election speaking to PTI Seat. Before this, he never went into public, with this perspective, but the respect his father earned, people were applauding for him. And this is reported that, in the early surveys of PML-N in 2013, Usman dar was the clear winner from the seat. To make the seat win from Sialkot, there were taken place massive irregularities.
NA-110 was one of the constituencies where Imran Khan demanded vote recounts and thumb verification, which could not take place, and thereof Dharna took place.

Usman dar though could not win from the constitutive but he filed a petition demanding the disqualification of Khawaja Asif over holding an Iqama, which was accepted, and Asif disqualified from NA-110.
Usman dar though has not entered into National Assembly yet due to obvious reasons, but he has gathered massive support for himself nationally.

Now, he is known as the active political nationally, and all eyes will be on Sialkot constituency NA-73, Khawaja Asif will be the candidate from PML-N on the same, and a strong battle is expected to take place.
Good luck for Upcoming election to the Right-Hand man of Imran Khan.

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